About The Artist

During my education and business career, I studied photography, painting, and drawing intermittently. Some of my early work can been seen here.

I spent decades traveling all over the world, collecting the works of other artists. Upon retirement, I quickly moved to a deep exploration of the world of oil painting. I am inspired each day by the abundance of beauty – light, color, water, coast, marsh - in the natural spaces in our new community in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Here I find the tranquility of setting that I have not known since my early days in Georgia.

I have been fortunate to observe and study with a number of talented artists. I enjoy studio work and plein air. I am a member of the Rehoboth Art League and was honored to win the Col. W.S. Corkran Award (Best Painting Representation of the Eastern Shore) for “Meandering Marsh” in July 2019.

I am grateful to the teachers, friends, and family that have supported me as I learn my craft and explore the world through what I can convey on canvas.

Artist Statement

As a boy, I spent my happiest days on my grandparents’ farm in Georgia, with its quiet and intimate relationship with earth and sun and rain. I was drawn to the colors of nature’s bounty, the design of the rows of cotton, the weathered wood barns, and the beauty of the meandering streams in low country settings. My creative process, first in photography and now in painting, is animated by the colors, patterns, and structures found in nature. Some paintings reflect serenity, some simple joy, but my goal always is to capture what I see as essential in each subject.